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Reinforce your SOC with Autonomous AI

Dropzone AI mimics the techniques of elite analysts and autonomously investigates every alert.
No playbook, no code required.


Autonomous Alert Investigation Platform

Less than 10% of alerts are thoroughly vetted.

Incidents inevitably follow.

SOCs face two compounding challenges: an endless stream of alerts from more tools and the tedious work of analyzing data fragmented across various systems.

Pre-trained AI agent for the busy SOC

Our specialized AI agent autonomously performs end-to-end investigations and will cover 100% of your alerts.

Trained to mimic the investigation techniques of best-in-class SOC analysts, its reports are fast, detailed and accurate. You can also go deeper with its chatbot.

It works on day 1 with no playbook development needed.


After receiving an alert, Dropzone connects and swivel-chairs across your fragmented security tools and data stack. It tirelessly locates, fetches, and feeds relevant information to its LLM-native system.


Dropzone’s cybersecurity reasoning system, purpose-built on top of advanced LLMs, runs a full end-to-end investigation tailored for each alert. Its security pre-training, organizational context understanding, and guardrails make it highly accurate.


Dropzone then generates a full report, with conclusion, executive summary, and full insights in plain English. You can also converse with its chatbot for ad-hoc inquiries.


A Tier-1 SOC Analyst always in the zone.

Dropzone is trained to tirelessly reason through thousands of alerts a day and provide expert-level conclusions.


Reclaim the Higher Ground

When Dropzone handles investigations, your analysts can focus on addressing the real threats. You reclaim the higher ground.

Unburden your analysts

Dropzone automates the time-consuming and repetitive investigation grunt work. Your analysts regain more bandwidth for higher-value work.

Focus on the real threats

Dropzone's conclusions let you zero-in on what matters most, so you reduce your meantime to respond to real threats.

Upskill junior analysts

Level-up and supercharge your analysts: turns junior SOC analysts into ultra-productive expert analysts.

Get more out of your security tooling

Dropzone acts as the contextual, connective tissue between disparate platforms and data silos.

"Too many legitimate alerts are never touched, while false positives consume valuable human time. With AI, not only can analysis occur more quickly and consistently, but all the enrichment and investigation avenues can be explored. Every time. That's a game-changer."

Jerry Perullo

former CISO, Intercontinental Exchange (parent of NYSE)

"The volume and velocity of alerts that SOC teams must triage is ever accelerating. The cognitive automation enabled by LLMs brings a step function in automation to thoroughly investigate all alerts in a way that traditional playbook automation cannot."

Oliver Friedrichs

Founder and CEO, Pangea Security and Phantom Cyber

"Dropzone AI can fundamentally change the asymmetry in cyber defense. By using AI to handle routine tasks, it lets security teams focus on their top priorities."

Caleb Sima

former CSO, Robinhood

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Our answers to frequent questions:

How is using Dropzone AI different from using ChatGPT?

Dropzone AI provides pre-trained autonomous agents specialized in security operations. Dropzone connects to all your existing cybersecurity tooling and data sources. And it is highly autonomous, capable of performing end-to-end alert investigations with no human input or prior playbook. In comparison, ChatGPT is a general-purpose chatbot (focusing on simple Q&A) with no ability to connect to your security stack and no security operation expertise.

How do I know it doesn't hallucinate in its conclusions and analysis?

Our system was engineered with a specific focus on guardrails, explainability, and data lineage. For example, every alert conclusion is accompanied by a complete report of crucial factors, along with a chain of raw evidence and sources, so human analysts can quickly validate the AI's logical reasoning at a click of a button.

Is it there to replace SOC Analysts?

No. We designed Dropzone to work alongside security analysts and handle the front-line work of manual and repetitive work of alert investigation for them, so analysts can focus their time and talent on the real threats and proactive and strategic projects. We believe AI augmentation will increase the number and job satisfaction of security practitioners and, more importantly, take a step toward curbing the ever-growing cyber attacks.

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