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Our mission is to equip cyber defenders with unlimited intelligence

We believe that advancements in LLMs have enabled cognitive automation. We are creating a generational leap in SecOps by using AI to automate cyber expertise and tooling.

Meet the team

We are deep technologists at the intersection of AI, security, and product development.

Edward Wu
Founder + CEO

Hobbies: Autocross, Skiing, Starcraft

Seattle, WA

Scott Gudmundson
VP of Sales

Hobbies: crochet, knitting, long walks on the beach, and powerpoint.

Idaho, US

Alex Burner
Founding Engineer

Hobbies: Skiing, Mountain biking, Playing with geometry, Armchair cosmology

Seattle, WA

Eric Hammerle
Founding Engineer

Hobbies: Skiing, Reading, Parenting, Husbanding

Kirkland, WA

Changhwan Oh
Founding Security Engineer

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Surfing, Freediving, Sudoku

Seattle, WA

Robert Foley
Founding Engineer

Hobbies: Canoe trips, Skiing, Dota 2, Poker

New York, NY

Bri Hatch
Founding Engineer

Hobbies: Doggos, Kiddos, Board Games, SINfully bad math puns

Seattle, WA


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We're a passionate, expert, tight-knit team at the leading edge of AI technology. We’re solving a foundational problem to safeguard our digital future.