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Modern AI and Automation for MSSPs

What will you unlock with additional expert analysts who work 24/7 and never quit?

Better quality of service

Bring your operations into the AI era

Uplevel response times and consistency across all your customers

Reduce your MTTR

Go from ticket creation to investigation complete in 4 minutes on average.

Improve accuracy

Get to more consistent and accurate conclusions with Dropzone’s detailed investigations.

Get the full context

Make each investigation and response more contextual to your customer’s specific environment.

Operational efficiencies

Drive efficiencies that only modern AI and automation can unlock

Handle 4x more alerts per hour

Dropzone collects all relevant data then investigates, so your analysts never start from scratch.

Improve analyst retention

AI analysts never tire or quit. Freed from gruntwork, human analysts focus on higher-value services.

Flex with customer demand

Tired of capacity planning? Adjust your capacity up or down with ease.

Reach positive ROI in week 1

With Built-in IR expertise and industry best practices, there's no need to develop playbooks.

How Dropzone Works

A tier-1 SOC analyst always in the zone.

Dropzone is trained to tirelessly reason through millions of alerts a day (and night!) and provide expert-level conclusions.

Integrates with your ticketing system. Investigates automatically

When your analysts look into an alert, a full investigation is already there, waiting for them. It includes an executive summary and key findings.


Dropzone AI brings cutting-edge AI and automation for:

FAQs for MSSPs

Our answers to frequent questions:

How is this priced?

We charge based on the number of AI analysts you'd like to boost your team with. Each AI analyst can perform 4000 investigations, roughly what a full-time human tier-1 analyst can perform in a given year, and costs 10% of the fully loaded cost of a human analyst. Related alerts will be deduplicated and coalesced into a single investigation. We want your team to take advantage of as few or as many AI analysts as you need, working across your entire customer base. That's why we do not charge based on seats or integrations. Our packages start from $16k. We offer volume discounts when you purchase more AI analysts.

Do we need to train Dropzone before we can use it?

You don’t. Dropzone will be ready out of the box once you integrate it into your/your customers’ systems. See all our integrations.

How do I know it doesn't hallucinate in its conclusions and analysis?

Our system was engineered with a specific focus on guardrails, explainability, and data lineage. For example, every alert conclusion is accompanied by a complete report of crucial factors, along with a chain of raw evidence and sources, so human analysts can quickly validate the AI's logical reasoning at a click of a button.

How do you work with homegrown tools/infra we have already built?

We support custom integrations with homegrown tools as long as they can be accessed via HTTP API endpoints.

Still have questions?

We'd love to answer them:


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Dropzone is trained to tirelessly reason through thousands of alerts a day and provide expert-level conclusions.